8/10/16- Sickness Looming

Darkness engulfed everything. The only light sources were the twinkling sparkles in the sky, the glowing disk bathed in the shimmering specks, and the faint torch-light from far off villages. Completely and utterly alone, she had never felt so helpless in her life. Everything she had known was wrong. There was no family, the husband she thought she could trust betrayed her, the country and millions of people she had devoted her life to protecting, gone in one foul swoop.

What was the point? She started questioning as she wandered aimlessly on in the same direction she had started in hours ago. ‘My entire life was pointless, everything washed away…’ She stumbled on loose ground, then tripped over an exposed tree root. The air was knocked out of her as was her consciousness.

Her will to live wavered, and a bright warm light shone down on her, it welcomed her with a breeze and fog. It consumed her, changed her, lifted her, and dropped her. She awoke and what had seemed like a minute was revealed to be days. The sound of water droplets pitter-pattering against the same ground brought her back to reality. She scanned the environment for something recognizable. But it was futile.

Everything she had known and loved was gone, forever.


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