8/12/16-Damaged Roles

It was a cold November night, November 30th to be exact. 23 days ran though his head. It had almost been two years since the last birthday…his thoughts trailed off as vivid and violent memories came flooding back. Her gentle tough brought him back to reality.

“Are you alright?” She said softly as her hand rested on his arm. Without realizing it he had come to a stop, they were walking back to the car after an exquisite meal at none other than Dairy-Queen. It was a guilty pleasure, the stake fries and soft serve ice-cream is all he wanted each visit.

“I know today is tough, and you don’t have to talk about it, but just know that you can, anytime.” She locked eyes with him. He managed a weak smile as her eyes pierced his very core. “Come on it’s late, let’s go home.” Her hand fell from his arm and she walked ahead to the car. But he didn’t move. He couldn’t move. Frozen in place, tears welled up in his eyes, his gaze dropped to the floor. All he wanted was to put the catastrophe behind him. unfortunately, try as he did, every turn, and every face brought back the flood of tears, panic, fear, and anger.

Upon seeing the tears roll down his face, she closed the car door and shuffled over to him. Pulling him tight, she whispered reassurance into his shoulder. He was shaking, the panic set in. His arms flew up and around her, pulling her closer into him. The fear had set in.

Then, nothing, the shaking stopped, the sobbing stopped, and his arms slowly dropped as she pulled away. Their eyes met.

“Let’s go home.” She whispered through a sad half smile. He smiled back through drying tears. She stood on her toes and kissed him as he whipped the remaining tears away. His expression relaxed.

“I Love you.” He whispered as they turned, hand in hand, to the car. He smiled at her, a real smile.


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